Our Agents

Lynn Gray

Raised in the foothills of East Tennessee, birthplace of Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins and Carl Smith, Lynn Gray has always been exposed to music.  In her early teens it was her determination to move to Nashville and sing her heart out.  She did just that but not on record as she had planned, but to the three children she adores.  She did though, become fan club president for Margie Bowes, secretary for Hank Snow's music publishing company and worked with WBLP/WPFD Radio as an on-air personality.  Lynn later moved to WQSI Radio (in the Nashville area) as program director and on-air personality.  She has worked with  Whitehorse Records out of Virginia as layout designer for cd's and promos and with Broadland International Records with Gary Buck, owner, in artist promotion; working closely with Johnny Duncan.   Lynn has written country musical articles for Airplay International and CountryPlus Newspaper and had a couple of songs recorded along the way.  Her hobby of genealogy has earned her the reputation of researcher and author with two genealogical publications to her credit.  Lynn is currently completing a book about the artists who are so dear to her heart.  She brings to the table, not only an understanding of the administrative part of the business but a respect and understanding of the music and those who create it.  Lynn firmly believes if you do what you love and love what you do, you will be a success.

Paula Hersom

Growing up in a house full of musical memories, Paula Hersom knew at a young age that somehow, her life would revolve around music.  Spending nearly every weekend surrounded by family and friends who were musicians, she was influenced by the sounds she heard and the talent that these folks possessed.  Although she watched in awe the singers and musicians, she naturally fell into behind-the-scenes roles, helping to make the stars shine brighter.  Inspired by her mom’s wish that one of her children would work in music, Paula followed her passion and took any opportunity that came her way to realize her crazy dream.  Recognizing her natural gift of organization and influence, Paula found her niche in roles such as production, event planning and management. She continued developing her strengths and found that her path was taking her exactly where she wanted to be.

Using her knack for talent and her infectious excitement, Paula went on to organize and lead many music-focused events in her home state of Maine, including the Bayside Music Festival, Moxie Days Festival, and the Sagadahoc County Battle of the Bands.  She has also been the main talent buyer/stage manager for the long-running Water Front Park Bath Heritage Days.  Her ability to organize led her to create and coordinate the Ye Olde Medieval Faire, working closely on all aspects of the fair, from purchasing talent, and writing scripts to working with the seamstresses to create the elaborate costumes used by actors.

“Paula was instrumental in all phases of production. From strategic planning to showtime, her professionalism and experience played a crucial role in the success of Battle of the Bands,” said Jay Manhardt former Sagadahoc County Chief Deputy and Battle of the Bands Chairman

In addition to her work organizing and planning many successful events, Paula has provided guidance and direction for artists in management, promotion and public relations roles.  Paula also has extensive experience booking talent for venues and promoting shows she has booked. 

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have experience in just about all aspects of the music business; from working directly with artists, creating and implementing events, to developing promotional opportunities, and I feel this varied experience has led me to gain an excellent understanding of artists, venue, and event needs.” Says Paula.

Paula continues to realize her musical ambitions, most recently joining her cousin, Deb Grisham, at Deb Grisham Entertainment where they direct the careers of an impressive and varied list of clients including Nadirah Shakoor, Buzz Cason, John Frinzi, John Patti, Mr. Adventures, Deborah Allen, Dave Ernst and Steve Kareta and Changes to name a few.  At Deb Grisham Entertainment, Deb and Paula oversee aspects of their clients’ careers from publishing assistance, management, booking and promotions and everything in between.





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